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Creative and Flight

PathosIV Site AdminSTAFF posted Thu at 21:29

Hey all. We've put the server on Peaceful, gotten rid of the mobs and NPCs and want to see you get Creative. We've enabled flight and Creative mode to allow players to help build the Next Big Thing. Since we'll be resetting the server in the next few days, we want to see your best builds. 

 The only requirement for builds to be transferred to the next server is that they be built using vanilla blocks. Non-vanilla will not transfer ove. Do not use Atum blocks as it may not survive the new server.

 Show us your best builds! Buddy up, do one massive group server project or try your hand at building the next spawn! Get creative!

A New Day

PathosIV Site AdminSTAFF posted Jul 1, 17

A New Day

 After almost 2 years of our current server, we're looking to new horizons! In the next few weeks, we'll be getting the server ready for a reset. We'll let you know more details as they come! 

smallpred a dawn of a new day, a new world. We shall go out with a bang!
garchamp absolutely downright sexy
PathosIV Site AdminSTAFF I totally see a brachio in those clouds..

Pathos' Pet Store

PathosIV Site AdminSTAFF posted May 26, 17

Pathos' Pet Store is back up! Do "/Warp Shop" to check out the new items today! Remember to put a "nametag" on your animals, or they'll despawn!

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