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Enjin changes!

PathosIV Site AdminSTAFF posted Jun 14, 18

Hey All, 

   By now you may have seen that the website has changed. The Navigation panels, for one, are gone, as is the ability to log in and make changes to your accounts. That wasn't intentional and I'm working on it as we speak. Meanwhile, we're looking into other changes for the Fossils and Archeology Minecraft server in the next few months. We've let you build, taken you out of your comfort zones and let you explore the Wilderness. We have ideas coming and we'll be asking your opinions on our Discord channel. Feel free to join us on Discord to let your opinions be heard:

Pathos IV

Minor Updates Upcoming!

PathosIV Site AdminSTAFF posted Feb 14, 18

We've got some minor updates coming up soon! Seems like a lot of Modders have been busy over the past 3 months. We'll be updating the Furniture mod, Sound_Dynamics has a few stability updates. We may finally get rid of the DoggyTalents and Familiars like we tried to do in December. DoggyTalents is the mod that left spawn covered in dogs for forever and a day and name me someone with a familiar who hasn't lost a cow/pig/dino to those uncaring Familiars. 

Oh, and we're planning something for the server birthday on Feb 27! In typical F/A fashion, it may be a few days late as people are rushing around for Organ Transplant Day (where people start giving out hearts and roses and mushy stuff). 


TheDivineCombos D Poor cows.. kill the familiars!
TheDivineCombos D I haven't lost any cows/pigs/dinos to familiars


PathosIV Site AdminSTAFF posted Jan 14, 18

Why didn't anyone tell me the logo was white on bright? Hopefully the new colors for the header look better! They were White on Black (on mobile) where I primarily do all my editing, so I never saw a problem with them before. Since no one said anything, I kinda thought that was how it was supposed to look. Well, what do ya'll think? 

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